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ZEISS IOLMaster 500 Biometer

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ZEISS IOLMaster 500 Biometer


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ZEISS IOLMaster 500 Biometer

As a comprehensive biometry solution, the ZEISS IOLMaster 500 Biometer is the preferred method of keratometry for toric IOL calculations1. The IOLMaster 500 now includes the Holladay 2 in its broad menu of recognized formulas for the automatic calculation of the targeted IOL. The IOLMaster 500 is simple, intuitive and fast. It provides precise measurements by providing surgeons the tools they need to optimize outcomes.

Launched in 2000, the IOLMaster was the first automatic biometry system available which did not make contact with the patient’s eye. With 100 million power calculations performed worldwide, the IOLMaster is the Gold Standard in cataract biometry with precision that satisfies the demands of clinicians looking for optimal refractive outcomes.The new IOLMaster 500 features several

advanced new capabilities, including:
- Increased Speed: In individual practice studies, the new IOLMaster 500 has been shown to complete all measurements in as few as 80 seconds2.

- Holladay 2 Calculations: Included inside the IOLMaster 500, this advanced 4th generation formulais the leading formula used by U.S. surgeons3.

- Dual mode Measurements: Axial length and keratometry calculations can be collected simultaneously, at the push of a button.

- Composite Signal Filtering: New sound filtering technology excludes poor readings and increases the percentage of cataract patients that can be measured.

- Seamless Data Integration with the Synergy Ultrasound A-scan: This time-saving feature allows easy workflow integration of A-scan ultrasound biometry for difficult cases, such as extremely dense cataracts.

- New Graphical User Interface: With green, red and yellow "traffic light" reporting, technicians of all experience levels will know when the optimum measurement position has been reached.