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Santinelli Nidek LE-9000EX Express Edger


Santinelli Nidek LE-9000EX Express Edger


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Santinelli Nidek LE-9000EX Express Edger

Faster Processing & Edging:
Direct Drive Wheel Motor Simple to Use Robust Engineering and Construction
Seamless Integration with any ICE Blocker

Fully Automatic:
Santinelli Nidek LE-9000EX Express Edger  series of patternless edgers provides automatic SFB and grooving, with a new multidisk arm that grooves and SFB in one operation. The optimal chamfering amount can be set by selection of chamfering parameters. Grooving is achieved automatically with pin-point accuracy.

Mirror Polish:
LE-9000's "Mirror Polishing" produces mirror-like lenses.

Rimless and half rim lenses can be polished extremely precisely with no additional buffing time required. The LE-9000SX PLBprovides easy and accurate bevel mirror polishing.

High Quality:
The newly developed 3D tracing & lens measurement feature provides accurate frame and lens measurements, ultimately offering a
perfect finish. Thirty-two thousands data points per processing round ensures a precise fit.

Frame Memory:
One hundred framed shapes can be stored in memory, and with the optional bar-code reader, up to 500 shapes can be stored. This
improves efficiency, saves time and storage space.

Flexible & Versatile:
The LE-9000SX can process any type of lens materials

glass, plastic, polycarbonate, acrylic, and high indexplastic lenses in order to meet your customers’needs

Features and Benefits:
Built-in Tracer:
The NIDEK ICE-9000 incorporates a tracer into the main console and boasts the smallest footprint in the world. Available with or without the tracer.

Intelligent (X direction / Y direction / rotating) Blocking
ALM (Auto Lensmeter) Function:
The virtual lensmeter marks are displayed on the screen, allowing it to be blocked with exceptional precision.

Fast and Precise 3D Tracing:
The ICE-9000 provides precise tracing in all three dimensions. Color Touch Screen for optimum ease of use.
Suitable for both small and large-scale edging systems.

Technical Specifications:
- Lens Size: 80mm diameter (maximum)
- Layout Modes : Single Vision Lens (two modes); Bifocal Lens; Progressive Lens (two modes); Manual Mode
- Blocking Method : Motorized Blocking

- Tracing Methods : Automatic 3-D Binocular Tracing
- Measuring Points : 32,000 reference points per eye
- Frame Clamping : One-touch automatic clamping
- Dimensions : 12.3"W X 18.8"D X 12.9"H
- Weight : 41.9 pounds
- Accessories Include