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Olympus Microscope BX40

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Olympus Microscope BX40

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Olympus Microscope BX40 with Fluorescence and Trinocular Head

- Observation Tube: Tilting Ergo Binocular
- Eyepieces: WH10x/22mm
- Nosepiece: Fixed Quintuple
- Objectives: Infinity Plan 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x
- Stage: Embedded mechanical square stage with right drive handle 135mm x 180mm, traveling area (Y) 52mm x (X) 76mm. Torque - adjustment for movement incorporated.
- Condense: Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25
- Focusing: Coarse & fine coaxial handle; full stroke: 25mm; minimum fine adjustment: 1µm
- Illumination: Transmitted light 6V 30W halogen koehler illumination
- Other Features: Light pre-set switch. Focus upper limiter

Olympus Microscope BX40 Stand
Fixed Trinocular Head
Pair of Olympus WHN 10X Eyepieces
Right Handed Stage and Slide Holder

5 Place Nosepiece on Dovetail:

UPlanFL 4X/0.13
UPlanFL 10X / 0.30
UPlanFL 40X / 0.75
UPlanFL 100X / 1.30 oil
Abbe 1.25 Condenser

4 Place Fluorescent Illuminator with U-MNB cube (FITC)

Daylight Blue Filter
6V 30W Lamphouse
12V 100W Mercury Lamphouse
100 Watt Mercury Power Supply
Diagnostic Instrument 1X Camera Adapter

Dust Cover:
(2) 6V 30W Bulbs
(2) Line Cord